NFL Films Presents: “Renegade”

NFL Films examines on how Styx’s song Renegade has become an anthem for Steeler Nation.

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25 Responses to “NFL Films Presents: “Renegade””

  1. doshea777 says:

    I guess every football analyst out there that said the bengals SWEPT the afc north doesn’t know what they’re talkin about! Jackass!!!! Hope to see your losers in the playoffs! 2 losses in a row. great job!!!!!

  2. iacthulu says:

    yeah, just ask the Titans

  3. PersonalJesus348 says:

    Who dey? dey the raiders!

  4. doshea777 says:

    nice game against the raiders yourselves! LOL!

  5. doshea777 says:

    how about big east champs! The penguins! LOL!!!! Good luck depriving the bengals. Your boys cant even beat the browns! Enjoy sittin home watching the bengals in january. c’mon the browns? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. SeymourDuncanDonuts says:

    I don’t know y’all. Nothing against the Steelers, but that song never struck me as a hard song. I almost hear tinges of polka rhythm in it at times. It’s always struck me as a cheesy song through it’s crescendo, and I always felt that the song should have stuck with it’s intro theme. To each his own I suppose.

  7. 58Steelsacker says:

    The Bungals did it again….one and done!!!!

  8. Gwitfu90 says:

    You have a disco song as your anthem? That’s sad. It really is.

  9. Gwitfu90 says:

    All right, it’s not a disco song. But, it does have has a disco beat. I overreacted, but the Steelers should have a real strong anthem. You’re going to settle on Styx? A band that’s not even from Pittsburgh? We Bears wouldn’t even use Styx as our anthem.

  10. 2nFro1 says:

    I was skeptical of the song at first,but Renegade does work well on several fronts. One of the most prominent features is driving into the city from,(from the airport, it is a slow drive, then you enter the Fort Pitt Tunnel and you hear the pulsating reverb and echo of the traffic, and once you exit comes the immediate visual explosion that is Pittsburgh. Especially at night when the fountain is on and lit, one of the stadiums is kicking with the city lights. Matches the song quite well.

  11. 2nFro1 says:

    If youre old enough to remember the NFL Films music of the 70s by Sam Spence,its not hard, but the buildup was remarkable, and man would it lay out the emotions. Throw in some John Facenda and that great Sabol editing, good gawd man, they were the reason the NFL is what it is today. Im not a Styx fan, but the song gives pace and timing that allows the visual montage to take hold.
    Lastly, why does it have to be hard? What is hard, n which song would allow the above to happen?

  12. 2nFro1 says:

    A real strong anthem?
    Like what….Da Superbowl Shuffle?
    ouch…sorry, I know it was a low blow.
    my bad

  13. Gwitfu90 says:

    We never used the Superbowl Shuffle as our anthem. But it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. You had the greatest defense of all time. Do you really need STYX as a band behind your anthem? Even though the Vikings have it worse with Prince.

  14. Gwitfu90 says:

    Renegade is a great song. But, it is NOT a football anthem.

  15. 2nFro1 says:

    I know, I was just kidding about Superbowl Shuffle. But this is the question…what would be a good group/song for this purpose? I’m not a Styx fan (don’t dislike them either), but the tempo works for the visuals, the words hangman’s comein (defense) and (opponent) doesn’t have very long. Eh, like I asked….what would be better?

  16. dbohemian1 says:

    Absolutely hilarious, but fantastic and so much fun at the same time. Great vid.

  17. carogirl07 says:

    Well PITTSBURGH STEELERS IS America’s team…not Dallas anymore! And STYX is a great American band!! Underated for decades! STYX and STEELERS seems a very logical choice to me!…and obviously many others…..OH MAMA!!!!!

  18. Gwitfu90 says:

    @carogirl07 I’m not the one that came up with the term America’s Team.

  19. carogirl07 says:

    @Gwitfu90 no, not saying that came from you… just heard that DALLAS is America’s team for the past 15 yrs and I think the tide has turned…Steelers are truly America’s team. Their jerseys are everywhere and you can’t go into any large city and not find a STEELER bar…that’s all.

  20. dontoadz says:

    bengals are cool and steelers druel and renegade is no longer cool either

  21. stutterstep59 says:

    ohh mama im in fear of james harrision i dont want him to kick my ass!

  22. Mystic0157 says:

    The Brown stains will wipe their rear end with terrible yellow towels.

  23. hotdog652 says:

    haha at 2:22 thats my family!!

  24. givingbirthiseasy says:

    Featherstone Rovers

  25. magiclogs says:

    @denobs10 they dont even have one hahahahaha

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